Sunday, November 21, 2010

Steps to start a Drupal Project

Drupal needs a minimal configuration during set up. Drupal comes in a tar.gz compressed file available in First you have to decompress the files and copy them into your webserver. Also create a database in mysql using phpmyadmin or any other DBA tool. Make sure you have mysql username and password ready to begin the installation. After copying the extracted drupal files, Open your browser and run the index.php page of your drupal installation folder. If your server is localhost and you have copied drupal files inside the fodler called "drupaltest", then go to the browser and open "http://localhost/drupaltest/" . The installation screen will be visible. Follow the procedures to enter database details and username and password. Also create a folder named "files" inside sites/default/ and make sure that it is writable by the webserver. By clicking the next button, drupal will be automatically installed and will prompt you for admin email and login password for superuser. Enter them and voila!, Drupal has been installed in your webserver and you are ready to go.

For more explanation see this video, this might help you to start with Drupal:


  1. cool video and it explains the steps very well, you have more videos about the new version or could you give me the links so I can watch them later?? thanks in advance!