Friday, November 5, 2010


Drupal is today's most powerful yet simple to use open source content management system in the web world. Day after day, by releasing Drupal's new avatar D7, possibilities are endless with this rock solid content management system. Obviously to be a webmaster of a drupal driven website, some knowledge of drupal administration is required. However I have created this blog to spread the words of drupal's philosophy and give the people a little bit of knowledge which I have gathered in my 6 years Web development Experience.

Though it is assumed that, this blog readers have some basic knowledge of PHP syntax, I will quickly overview some topics about PHP scripting language in first few chapters. I write this blog in regular basis. So if anyone follows my writing, I am sure that he will definitely be able to develop websites using drupal within few weeks. It is just fun and you need time and patient to learn step by step methods and hidden secrets which will enable you to develop a drupal site quickly.

I hope you will enjoy the tutorial and I will try to illustrate the drupal architecture from the basic so that you do not need to worry about PHP script if you do not know about it. Start with the first chapter with PHP basics. People who knows php can skip chapter 1,2,3 and start from chapter 4 to learn drupal.

Thanks for reading, have a good time.