Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sample Interview Questions for Drupal Themer

General questions

1. What is a theme override?
2. What's the difference between a theme override and a template file?
3. Where is the place for placing a theme override?
4. Where is the place for placing a template file? What are the differences in template files on D5 and D6?
5. What are the template files involved in theming an Ubercart invoice?
6. Have you worked with 960gs before? If not, have you worked with any kind of grid layout framework? Even if you have no experience with this, you should take a quick look at both the drupal theme and the 960gs framework and comment how you see working with 960gs can help you when developing a drupal theme.

Questions on theme development
A simple e-commerce site is needed - all the functionality has been coded. Regular static pages (about us, contact us, terms and conditions etc) plus a product with several fields (title, size, color, body, main image, additional images, price, SKU, etc.)

We assume you have knowledge of CCK & Views as those modules would be used both for creating the content types and working on different displays that will probably need to be themed. We are going to use imagefield module for the images and imagecache module for thumbs and other images sizes.

In your answers, we are looking for certain basics on drupal theme development, you don't need to provide any code, just brief answers that indicate how you would handle each point. Please explain the specifics involved in a proper drupal theme, such as template files that you might use, what alternatives around drupal (modules, etc.) you can suggest or what function (don't need the exact name) you think you would override.

1. How would you work with the main images and the additional images on the theme? What would you do and what templates file are you planning on changing?
2. How would you work on the the theme to selectively display certain fields of the product in a very specific way to match a design, something that's not configurable through the content type display administration section?
3. How would you display the main image with a normal size and additional images as thumbnails just below the main image, in a grid-like form displaying three per row. Also, what would you do if an image swap effect between the thumbnail and the main image is required?
4. If we need a block display up to 6 products in a 3 column scheme on top of the content, how would you do this?
5. How would you theme the checkout page of an Ubercart e-commerce site?


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  2. thats a pretty good small questionnaire, I will ask myself some of those questions while designing on drupal

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