Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New features in Drupal 7

Drupal 7 is a hot topic of discussion these days and all active Internet users are talking about recent release of this Content Management System. To be on the wave of all modern approaches and technologies we've decided to sum up all advantages of this CMS system and make a short review. So, why should we use this CMS script and why it's better than Drupal 6 or other CMS systems. In the overview below we present new top features that have been made in Drupal 7.

Let's start from the beginning, from the installation. Drupal's installation script makes launching of the system much easier and it automatically populates database tables and configures the correct settings you need. It runs natively on MySQL but also supports a wide range of other databases. If you are not aware how to install Drupal 7 you can find out it in this detailed guide.

Three are better than one! Three core layouts instead of the default Garland theme! New amazing trio which includes Bartik, Seven and Stark themes can be easily downloaded and installed from or you can create your own custom theme!

If you want to have a full control over the look and feel of the site you’re building - Drupal7 is the best solution for this. The main change in updated Drupal 7 is the generalization of common data structures into entities. You can put fields almost on everything: on nodes, terms and even users. You are able to do CCK (Content Construction Kit) stuff to comments and vocabularies. This CMS system enables to create new content types, such as an article, blog post, or even music album. And this wholesome feature is used by default in Drupal7.

One more build-in to the core Drupal 7 installation feature is - image styles. It enables to set picture styles, such as scaling, cropping and even turning your images grayscale. It is perfect for people who want to build a portfolio website, cause they can specify different image styles for thumbnails and full-view images. Just upload one image, and Drupal creates all the other pictures for you!

The Toolbar gives you a quick access to administrative functions from any part of the site. When you click on one of the toolbar items you are not taken to a back end area as you may expect. Now the administration pages load on the top of your website as a light box. With the improving administration interface, the appearance of the Drupal 7 has been also sophisticated. And its new look is really cool, we are sure, you'll appreciate it!
The shortcut feature is also very useful and functional. Now you can add items which is used more often and get immediate access to them. It's possible to add custom shortcuts to the admin menu navigation and create several different ones for different users. The admin menu tools can be fully customized for different responsibilities such as admins, editors, authors, designer and site builders.
Drupal 7 has plenty of modules by which it's easy to achieve pretty much any functionality! This is an open source Content management system which is absolutely free of cost. Drupal CMS platform is very comfortable in usage and anyone can without efforts install it and have their own website up and running within minutes.


  1. Drupal is one of the best CMS available rigt now, its more secure and professional too.......... Thanks for sharing the update with us!